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[Blog]  Hk Acba

Ambition and HaTCH powered by Ambition have been ranked #1 for promoting LGBT+ inclusion

It is our pleasure to announce that Ambition and HaTCH powered by Ambition have been ranked #1 in...

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[Blog] Recruiting And Retaining

Recruiting and Retaining Generation Z

Recently, theDesk hosted an interesting panel discussion on recruiting and retaining Gen Z. Gen Z...

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[Blog] Ha Tch Mentors

HaTCH Mentors: The benefits of having a mentor

Let’s settle the debate once and for all. Mentors, when thoughtfully chosen, can be immensely val...

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[Blog] Alex King Ha Tch Event Jul '18

Everything You Need to Know about HR & Talent

A topic that is integral to every business but isn’t spoken about nearly enough in Hong Kong’s st...

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[Blog] Leadership In Workforce

Leadership in the Multi-Generational Workforce

At HaTCH, we look into topics that we believe will benefit the startup community. This evening’s ...

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[Blog] Hk Ha Tch Ft Paul

Why Doesn't The Best Talent Work For Your Startup?

Ambition recently collaborated with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) Startup Acc...

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[Blog] Ha Tch Workshop

How To Market Yourself and How To Develop Your Talent Pool

For this particular HaTCH event, we collaborated with Pivot to do something a little different fo...

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[Blog] Ha Tch X Campfire

Essential considerations to funding a start-up and hiring the right talent

Recently, HaTCH hosted its first panel discussion event in Hong Kong at Campfire’s new collaborat...

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Campfire Digital Event Blog

Startups: Time to get personal with your talent strategy

Ambition recently collaborated with Campfire Collaborative Spaces on the exclusive Digital event ...

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Event Blog   Cyberport Prezi

Crucial tips on how to best recruit and retain talent in a start-up

Ambition spent an afternoon with the Cyberport startup community, sharing with them about tips on...

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Linkedin Sponsored

Ambition Launches Hatch – a unique recruitment service for the start-up community

On behalf of Ambition, I am delighted to announce the launch of Hatch, Ambition's new recruitment...

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