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Citi Return To Work Blog (1)

Citi Return to Work - Everything You Need to Know

We're excited to announce the launch of Citi's Return to Work Programme 2022, supported by Ambiti...

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Official Statement on Job Scams

Ambition Hong Kong would like to raise awareness within our community regarding the ever-increasi...

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2021 and beyond: 5 strategies to attract and retain software developers

​Over the past few years, the demand for tech talent has surged across Asia. This was further amp...

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Top 5 banking & financial services trends that will continue into 2022

With 4 months left till the end of 2021, let’s look at the current state of the Hong Kong market ...

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Why do people apply for contract roles?

The buzz of the contract workforce has been growing over the last decade and has become louder si...

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