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Why Doesn't The Best Talent Work For Your Startup?

Ambition recently collaborated with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) Startup Accelerator Programme, LEAP), to deliver an interactive workshop for startups on the topic “Why doesn’t the best talent work for me?”. 

Ambition’s Regional Managing Director of Asia, Paul Endacott, Director Justin Leung and HaTCH Strategic Partnerships Manager, Alex King, shared their expertise in attracting new talent, retaining talent, and other essential information for startups to consider when running their business.

HKSTP plays a significant role in fostering the development of Hong Kong’s startups by providing value-added services to accelerate their business growth. At HaTCH, we want startups to grow exponentially and know that hiring the RIGHT people is of paramount importance for a startup, so we wanted to make sure that HKSTP’s Accelerator startups were fully advised on their hiring processes.

Some key takeaways from the event:

  • Accentuate your USPs (Unique Selling Points) – show potential employees why you and your startup are different from the market

  • Establish your own culture – if you have not done this yet, make sure to do so very soon or your team will do it for you

  • Have a diverse workforce – a team of different people inspires ongoing innovation

  • Be a leader, not a boss – bosses tell people what to do, leaders inspire the best out of people

  • Identify whether a potential new joiner will be able to do more than the role. Startups which have people who wear multiple hats can be more efficient

If you are interested in hearing more about what we do or if you would like to get involved with one of our events, please get in contact with me at or +852 3130 4320.

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