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Event Report | AI: The future of investing through technology, where we are at now & what the future looks like

We recently held an insightful roundtable discussion, the latest in Ambition's Banking event series, revolving around hot topics in the Fintech realm today. The future of investing, as we know, will be a hybrid world of humans and humanoids. 

Despite the heavy rain and poor weather on the event day, we were undeterred and absolutely delighted to have our guest speaker Alex Medana with us at the event, who opened our minds on technology, innovation and the advances in AI in the financial services sector. Alex is CEO of FinFabrik and temporary board member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong.

He shared his views on where we are now and what the future looks like with AI development in financial services, the capabilities and opportunities, as well as the shortcomings and threats AI and Robo technology impose on our financial systems and aspects of our everyday lives. 

A few takeaway points from the session:

  • Whose hype are we to believe?  There is so much noise and debate out there on the use of AI and Robo today and in the future.  Technology can make us both sophisticated and confused at the same time.

  • AI technology can help us in many waysbut there are shortcomings, they need human supervision and we need to be careful when outcome cannot be explained or justified.  

  • The need to revisit decision-making: Do we leave moral, important and financial decisions completely to the machines?

  • Jobs disappearing today and jobs of the future: With the advancement of AI and Robo replacing some human tasks, relevant jobs and skills we have today in our workforce will disappear whilst there will be new careers we cannot imagine at this time.

It was truly a stimulating discussion. Alex had raised many questions our society does not have answers for yet, stimulating our audience’s minds to think, debate, agree, and disagree. 

Ambition is a strong supporter of the development of the Fintech space. We run our own innovation initiatives and have been helping with the growth of Fintech startups through HaTCH, our dedicated recruitment service offering for the start-up community.  

Thank you to those who came to the event. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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