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Cruising the currents of change: Staying competitive in the banking industry

Change is an unstoppable force in the Banking & Financial Services industry. We wanted to find out how professionals in the banking industry are dealing with this. We spoke to the Head of Liquidity and Risk Management from a Chinese Banking Group to learn more about their experience.

Read on to find out more first-hand information about staying competitive in the banking industry.

1. As a professional in the Banking and Financial Services industry, what do you do to remain competitive?

To stay competitive in this industry, it is an absolute must to keep yourself updated with the industry news and events. From there, I am able to interpret upcoming trends of change within my area and integrate various perspectives into consideration in any business decisions. I try my best to avoid having a myopic attitude.

2. How have changes in technology affected your role and your firm?

In both my role and my firm, technology is used to facilitate decision making and in a timely manner. We integrate data that is obtained with the help of technology and the business thinking process together to create business value.

3. What is your firm doing to help employees keep up with the changes in the industry?

I believe that the onus is on us professionals to make sure we stay updated. In today's world, information is literally at our fingertips. We can easily get news and updates by doing a quick search or even setting up auto-alerts on our mobile phones.


4. What is your dream team? What do you like and dislike when looking for people to join your team?

My dream team would allow me to be hands-off on daily routines. I want to be able to give sufficient autonomy for them to carry out daily operations. That way, I can focus on deploying the right resources at the right time to maximise the value we can achieve as a team and meet company objectives to our best ability.  

5. What factors do you consider when choosing your career path?

I wanted a career path that is fulfilling while given due recognition. The factor that matters most is for me to have a platform where I can bring the most value for the company while being acknowledged and rewarded for my efforts.

6. Do you have any advice for junior professionals who want to get to where you are?

You should start by getting to know yourself better and identifying your strengths and interests. Once you’ve got a hold of that, familiarize yourself with the industry and the trends within it. You could also go one step further and find out more about the common constraints and challenges from more experienced colleagues.

7. How has Ambition helped you in your journey?

Ambition has kept me abreast with market insights as well as which companies are hiring. They have also hosted networking events involving fellow professionals and upper management from the industry's leading firms.


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