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2021 and beyond: 5 strategies to attract and retain software developers

Over the past few years, the demand for tech talent has surged across Asia. This was further amplified when the pandemic hit, as many companies were pushed to digitise their operations as part of their business continuity plans.

With the current demand surpassing supply, attracting and hiring tech talent – especially software developers, is becoming a challenge. Many companies are offering great compensation packages and perks to attract talent, as well as to retain existing skilled employees. If you are looking to set your company apart from the competition, new strategies will need to be implemented to convince software developers to join or stay with your business.

 Here are a few tips to help your company attract and secure the best software developers:

1. Promote a strong collaborative environment

Software developers are typically found working in teams; working closely with one another and sharing ideas whilst improving themselves. A traditional corporate setting would put up too many barriers, hindering effective communication or collaboration.

By encouraging a collaborative workplace, software developers will enjoy greater job satisfaction and gain access to opportunities that will help further develop their talents. On top of that, your company will also benefit from a diversity of ideas and approaches to solve problems.

2. Provide opportunities for talent to grow

One of the main reasons for any employees to leave a job is the lack of growth opportunities. Hence, it is no surprise that software developers are constantly on the lookout for opportunities that challenge their abilities, as they are keen to gain new knowledge and skills while working to add immediate value to their companies.

To stay competitive and attract software developers, your company may want to consider investing in employee training and development. Additionally, keeping up with the current tech trends and implementing any relevant technologies will make the position more dynamic and fulfilling, as well as keeping the talent’s tech stacks fresh and up to date.

3. Implement a strong rewards and recognition system

IT divisions within big or traditional organisations often operate in silos, where certain tech roles are rarely recognised or rewarded for their contributions.

It is important to keep in mind that employees appreciate their hard work and efforts being recognised. There are many simple yet effective methods to make employees feel valued. For example, letting them know verbally that their opinion is important, congratulating them for their achievements in public, or even a simple ‘thank you’ would do. Offering appropriate compensation is also a great way to show they have done a good job.

4. Make quick decisions when it comes to hiring software developers

The job market is hot right now, especially within the tech space. Given that many companies are breaking into e-commerce or online-based services, almost any business will benefit from hiring software developers.

With the shortage of tech talent, skilled professionals are bound to receive many offers. This gives them the luxury to choose the best options presented to them. If you would like to secure the cream of the crop, you will need to make quick hiring decisions.

Here are three reasons for you to make a quick move:

  • Indicates to the candidate that you are interested in their applications
  • Potentially blocks off competitive offers, and the candidate’s commitment to your offer would prevent them from leveraging the current offer
  • The opportunity to lock the candidate on a salary that is fair, and not beyond the budget

5. Be flexible on expectations

Employers often expect the software developers they hire to fully understand their roles and responsibilities. However, attracting the best software developers requires a strong mix of well-defined and flexible expectations. If you start the process with specific and rigid expectations about how your future employee would execute their tasks, there will always be a risk that some or all of your expectations would not be met.

It is best to be clear about your expectations and keep an open mind to any great talent that may be right under your nose. After all, finding the right talent, who can complete the long list of tasks and perfectly fit the role you have set, can be more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

Given that the tech industry is ever-changing, attracting and keeping top software developers (or any tech talent) requires significant efforts. If you want to attract the best talent there is, you will need to be proactive and change up your tactics regularly. In a nutshell, the demand will only continue to increase – especially if you consider the vital role they play in each company. So, if you do not offer what they are looking for, your company will only be left behind.

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