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Why do people apply for contract roles?

The buzz of the contract workforce has been growing over the last decade and has become louder since the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to economic uncertainty as a result of the pandemic, employers are relatively conservative in hiring and prefer hiring contract staff with a specific set of skills for a period of time.

A popular style of employment in Western countries, businesses prefer the contract workforce due to its flexible nature and its professionals who welcome continuous learning. Not only does contracting benefit employers, it also allows employees to experience the company’s culture and environment for a few months to see if it is to their liking. This is a win-win situation; if you like the role, you can discuss with your manager on a contract extension and if you don’t like the role, you can complete the contract and move on to another role.

We have found that many companies who have similar openings and who have been satisfied with the performances of their previous contract employees have reconnected with them before starting any hiring processes. This is because they already have a feel of the employee’s personality and work attitude, and so they would prefer to fill the role with someone they are familiar with. Therefore, completing your contract is very important, as it proves your commitment to your role and shows your employer that you are reliable and responsible.

As this trend grows and many companies transition into hiring contract employees, what perks can professionals enjoy from being a contract employee? Here are two reasons why professionals join the contract workforce:

1. Hassle-free travel

Many of us enjoy travelling without being inundated with work emails or messages whilst out of town. Unlike permanent roles, you won’t have to worry about this, as the completion of your contract allows you to travel freely without being bound to any work! Once you have completed your contract, you can either look for another role straight after or go travelling and begin your search once you return.

2. A career step down

After spending several years leading teams and being promoted to a management role, some highly skilled staff want to take a step down in their career and look for more of a work-life balance. This does not mean that they are not committed to their work, but instead are looking to complete operational work without having to be responsible for supervising a team. Companies typically find that these mature professionals can hit the ground running faster, are trustworthy and very responsible.

While I can’t list all the reasons why professionals join the contract workforce, there are several professionals from various backgrounds, each with their own reason as to why they prefer this type of work as opposed to permanent roles. If you’d like to know more about contracting, you can reach out to me at, or alternatively you can search for our contracting roles here.

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