Contracting, which is also referred to as 'temping' or 'interim' work, as opposed to a permanent role, has grown to become a norm amongst professionals when it comes to choosing a new career or when changing jobs.

Contracting offers an alternative to permanent recruitment, has it pros and cons for both the person in the role as well as the organisation who is hiring the person. Some contracting roles can last for as little as a day or a week, while other contract roles can last for months or years depending on the reason why the contractor was hired or how the role progresses as the person continues to work.

Maybe you have already experienced working in a contract position, or maybe you'd like to know more about this way of working. Whatever stage you are at in your career, Ambition can advise you on contracting how it can be the perfect solution to your next move. The opportunities we handle when it comes to contracting are vary across and industries and specialisation.

You can search for available contract roles by using our quick search function on this page, but often due to the speed at which organisations require contractors, some of these roles may not always be listed so please don't hesitate to contact me to hear about all our current opportunities.