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Payroll Services

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Let Ambition manage your contractor's pay for you 

Clients can leverage Ambition's infrastructure and expertise in order to transition existing contractors from either their direct management, or from other providers, to the Ambition Group.

This service involves Ambition Group assuming legal responsibility for these contractors during their tenure, as well as processing the contractor’s payroll and associated payroll taxes. 

How we add value to your business:

  • Achieve reduced Costs

  • Governance of pay rates

  • Effective management of contractor tenure

  • Improve speed to recruit measures

  • Achieve end-to-end process improvement

  • Quicker, easier and consistent hiring and on-boarding of resources

  • Improve visibility of contractor workforce

  • Access to spend reporting

  • Embed measurable performance outcomes

  • Effectively manage risk and compliance

  • Better manage engagement of sole traders / Inc., Corps

  • Improve ownership of contractor workforce