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Why Hire a Contractor?

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We're often asked, what's the benefit of hiring a contractor over a permanent member of staff?

Well, there are many reasons which you may or may not be already aware.  Whatever your situation, we'll recommend what's right for you. Contractors can offer you:


Get the resources when you need them and how you need them regardless of the duration. Whether you have critical deadlines or financial year end work that needs the extra support, we have contractors who can work on a short contract period from 3 months onwards.

Bigger Talent Pool

There is a growing pool of candidates who prefer contract roles where they are able to hone their skillsets on different projects. By opening up your roles to contractors, your talent pool increases beyond candidates who are only looking for permanent roles.


Our contractors are highly experienced and possess the skill-sets required to complement your team. We have profiles of contractors available across a broad range of industries and functions for your next hire.

Readily Availability

Our contractors are fully referenced and we are able to leverage our established global network and extensive database to promptly get you the support you need.

Hiring Without Headcount

Your organisation is under a headcount freeze but still in need of resources, hiring a contractor should be part of your recruitment strategy. Headcount Management Contractors can be hired by Ambition and parked under our headcount while they work on your projects, therefore all payroll and administrative responsibilities are managed by Ambition, including staff benefits such as health insurance.


Contractors can help your business headcount shortages by covering short-term resource needs during maternity, sick and sabbatical leave as well as short-term deadlines. They are also excellent for year-end crunch time.

Testing before Commitment

Hiring a talent on a contract basis also allows you to assess if the candidate is a right fit for your business before you commit to a permanent hire.

Peace Of Mind

We maintain a regular communication with you and the contractor during the project duration to ensure that everything is running well and there are no problems.

For more information, contact Rachael Yeung, Associate Director at Ambition Hong Kong through email or calling +852 31034316.