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High profile helps with promotion

Winning an internal promotion is impossible if senior management is not aware of who you are and the value of your work to the organisation. To enhance your chances of promotion, you have to be capable, of good character and sufficiently politically aware to use the three P techniques perception, profile and power to your advantage.

Understanding the perception of you in the organisation is the foundation of your progression.
If you know what people think of you, you can work on enhancing or changing their views. You can find out what people think through a formal feedback process or by asking your manager, two peers and four direct reports to reflect on how they perceive you. Give them a week to complete a page on what they would like to see you do or be more of (their perception of your strengths), less of (your weaknesses or development points) and what they would like you to keep on doing (status quo).

Collate and digest their views and set about reinforcing the positive and lessening the negative in your work.

Next, increase your profile with key decision-makers by taking on projects or responsibilities that give you air time. Once you have a positive perception in the organisation and have access to senior people, subtly use your influence to change situations to your advantage.

If people perceive you positively and if you have increased your profile with more senior people, exert your influence to alter and improve situations.

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