Know your Foundations to Build and Scale a Startup

  • Thursday, 19 April 2018
  • 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Ambition: Level 25, 28 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong
[Blog] Know Your Foundations

How do you grow and scale your startup? What do you actually need to do? How do you do it?

Many startups struggle to grow because they don’t know what’s required to scale their business. A startup’s growth stage is critical for its survival and this needs to be done in the most effective way possible.

Join us at our upcoming event on ‘Know your Foundations to Build and Scale a Startup’ where we will be partnering with Benny Tang, Direct Sales Manager from Odoo and Dagmar Boettger, Founder of Ignition to offer growing startups an effective strategy to help your business succeed.

Gone are the days where startups can survive on just Google Docs. A good plan in place where there is structure and an organised system is essential. BUT how can this be easily implemented? Our event will discuss:

  • What do start-up founders need to do to lead a team to success?
  • How an effective CRM system designed around your company’s needs
  • How surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people can help you achieve your startup goal

Find out more tips on how you can help your startup at our interactive session. All proceeds will be donated to charity.


Our Speakers

Benny Tang - Direct Sales Manager (APAC), Odoo

Benny Tang started-off as Business Advisor and now a Direct Sales Manager (APAC) at Odoo since the start of Oddo HKG 4 years ago.

Benny has 20+Years’ experience on Direct Marketing and Consultation in various Industries including HKG Property Market, Import & Export of Frozen Game Meat, Financial Advisor, Global Travel Packages, Solar Blinding Construction, Roadshow Campaigns with Physical Gym & Pizza Box, and Recurrent Fundraising Event for Amenity International & AIDS Care. He settled his career in Odoo foreseeing the needs of technology on running a sound business without boundary.

Dagmar Boettger - Founder, Ignition Global Limited

Dagmar worked in the field of (Strategic) Human Resources and Change Management for 20 years. Her focus was Learning & Development and Performance Management.  Her employers were SMEs and global corporations, one of which was BASF SE. She held posts in France, Germany, in Hong Kong and China. She speaks French, English, Dutch and basic Chinese. She worked for 5 change management projects:

  • In France to enhance cross-selling in the European Sales Teams
  • In Hong Kong to lay the basis for BASF’s performance management culture and leadership development in APAC
  • In Shanghai to turn a joint venture to become one of the most innovative sites of China

In 2017, she founded Ignition Global Ltd. in Hong Kong, a platform for leadership development with special reference to innovation

Alex King - Strategic Partnership Manager, HaTCH (Event Moderator)

Alex is the Strategic Partnership Manager at HaTCH powered by Ambition. He comes from a business development and technology recruitment background and is completely committed to assisting Hong Kong’s start-up ecosystem. Alex has worked with startups and MNC’s alike for over 4 years, and fully understands the pain points that they face when it comes to talent management. He is very passionate about the startup community and FinTech industry and attends multiple industry relevant events in his spare time. He holds a BA in Sports Management from the University of Winchester and is also a personal trainer.