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My Wonderful Internship At Ambition by Elvina Boedi

My first encounter with Ambition

“Would you like anything to drink? Coffee, tea, soda” 

“Just plain water please”

“Would you like it cold, hot or room temperature?”

This was how the conversation went between me and Lidwina, the receptionist, on the day I first came to Ambition. It might sound like a normal conversation, but it left a deep impression on me. Firstly, coming as an intern, I didn’t expect to be served with drinks. After all, I am only an intern, not a client or candidate. Secondly, plain water is just plain water. Nobody would usually notice what temperature it is served. But at Ambition, it’s different. The amount of attention and care that I received is a reflection of how Ambition serves its clients, candidates, and most importantly, how it treats its people. 

Ambition is like a big giant family

In the short amount of time that I was interning here, I have seen our office celebrate an employee’s one-year anniversary of joining the company, employees’ promotion, and of course, birthdays. We surprised our Managing Director with a chicken nugget birthday cake, a giant strawberry tart and two dozen donuts. Oh if I haven’t mentioned before, with every occasion and celebration, there would always be plenty of food. I was worried that I was going through freshmen fifteen all over again, but I wasn’t complaining! 
And like a family, every single person is an important part of the family. One thing that caught my attention when I got the office seating chart on my first day was the fact that our office helper, Manje, has her own desk, and her photo was in the seating chart. It is the little things that made me realize that Ambition appreciates every single member of the company, and I felt that too every single day. 

I was part of the Sales and Marketing Team, and my duty was to update the database and made sure that the candidate information on the system was complete. Even if my work was quite simple and straightforward, my supervisor, Leona, took the time to check in on my progress from time to time and ask if I have any questions about my work. With such support, I felt motivated to do my best no matter what I was assigned to do. 

Fast-paced and full of energy

Every day I was surrounded by passionate recruiters.  They were constantly on the phone talking to clients and candidates, and the office was always very loud and full of energy. They talked at lightning speed and not a second was wasted. And most importantly they took ownership of their own work. But even though everyone is focused on meeting their own target, they also constantly helped each other. Directors constantly guided consultants and were always ready to give suggestions and advice whenever they encountered difficulties. Open and honest communication was encouraged at the office. I finally understand how much impact a positive and nurturing work environment can have on employees’ motivation and company’s success. 

Even though my internship only lasted for a month, I was able to learn so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to anywhere else. I am very grateful for everyone in the office that has made the past one month such a great experience. I haven’t met anyone at the office that isn’t welcoming, friendly or helpful. Special thanks to my teammates, Mandy and Karen, for always bringing me to great restaurants to fill my tummy with good food. I am grateful to be a part of this family, even just for a month. Thank you Ambition for a wonderful internship! 


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