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Wellness at Ambition

At Ambition, our core values are PRIDE (Passion, Resilience, Integrity, Drive, and Enjoyment) and I am delighted to be working in a business that is passionate about Wellness and ensuring our employees stay fit and healthy (and have a lot of fun as a result!)

Workplace wellness schemes have been popular amongst employers globally for many years, not only due to obvious health benefits but also as a retention tool to ensure a highly motivated and engaged team.  As part of our adult grown up life, the majority of us will spend a large proportion of our time at work and it therefore makes perfect sense to me that we ensure we help keep everyone at Ambition to stay fit and healthy (both in body and mind!)

As a boutique business, we do not offer the expensive schemes that some of the large corporate multinationals or banks offer. However, instead, we take on a more flexible approach. Currently, we have routine benefits which include medical coverage, generous annual leave schemes, additional birthday leave and more. In addition, our approach to Wellness incorporates being open to new ideas from our employees and providing a platform for our employees to be involved in these whether its fitness and exercise or CSR events.  We also believe in healthy nutrition and provide weekly fresh fruits, although we also do seem to have a fair amount of slightly less healthy snacks available at all times for those craving a sugar rush! 

I was also delighted to have recently participated and completed the UNICEF 10km run at Disney with the Ambition team. Providing our staff a balanced lifestyle is important to Ambition, as such, we have been regularly holding fitness ‘Bootcamps’ within work-hours for our employees to keep our workforce fit and healthy, have a lot of fun and to increase the opportunity to build better internal relationships. This helps drive increased communication in the office and a strong team ethic, which only helps our business achieve better results.  

To ensure we continue to maintain our focus on Wellness, we have an internal committee that meets regularly to discuss new activities to promote Wellness to the team. This year, as well as continuing with our existing approach, we also plan to identify other Wellness initiatives (funky dancing has been mentioned!) that will be popular amongst our employees.

Keen to find out more about our Wellness initiatives?

Watch this space! 

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