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Is Fintech the Hottest Sector in Hong Kong right now?

I was recently invited to attend a Fintech Forum organised by CPA Australia and hosted by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia who has created the first innovation lab for an Australian bank in Hong Kong. At the event, the Commonwealth Bank’s Head of Innovation Hong Kong, Mr Liam Gilligan, led us on a tour of how new financial technological innovations have become a key driver for greater business growth. 


We were introduced to Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger technologies as well as a host of other technologies which have the potential to trigger far-reaching changes in business, information and banking processes. This was not the only Fintech event I have attended recently and it is worth noting that the inaugural Hong Kong Fintech Week hosted by InvestHK held in early November attracted more than 2, 500 participants and an array of international financial technology companies and start-ups looking to grow their business, as well as accelerators, incubators and investors searching for opportunities and innovation (you can read more at here). 

The sheer number of Fintech events being held in Hong Kong indicates that there is a considerable financial investment into this sector which, in turn, leads to increased demand for talented professionals in this space. 

At Ambition we have seen an increased demand in this sector during this year and we are currently working with a number of Fintech clients to secure high-quality talent, as they seek to grow their business. Demand for Fintech professionals, including high quality experienced Project Managers & Business Analysts, is high. As these businesses grow, there is also increasing demand for supporting professionals across sales, marketing, administration and finance.  With disruptive technologies changing the way businesses operate around the world and a more developed start-up ecosystem emerging in Hong Kong, we only expect this demand to increase in 2017. 

What is abundantly clear is that the world of Fintech is rapidly evolving. At Ambition we would expect hiring trends to also evolve as more, new Fintech businesses appear on the scene, so it promises to be an exciting few years for those who work (or seek to work) in this sector!  If it isn’t the hottest sector in Hong Kong right now, then its close! 

If you are looking for a new role in 2017 or if you would like to find out about how Ambition can help your business source talented professionals with fintech skill sets and many more, please get in touch!


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