Hong Kong Market
Insights 2023

Discover the latest hiring & employment trends in Hong Kong

The ‘Great Resignation’ has dominated the workplace for nearly two years, but there is a beginning of a slowdown. While we may now be emerging from the phenomenon, the workforce is now entering a period of great uncertainty. The uncertainty can be largely attributed to the many ‘economic curveballs’ in the past few years – recovery from the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and inflation.

With a combination of Ambition's recruitment data and the knowledge of our recruitment experts, we have compiled a report detailing Hong Kong's latest salary and hiring trends to support your recruitment initiatives or job search. Ambition's Hong Kong Market Insights 2023 report features:

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    Salary benchmarks

    Access a comprehensive guide on the latest salaries for professional and technical roles across various industries.

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    Job market trends

    Keep up with the trends shaping the hiring market to gain an edge in recruiting top talent or finding your next job.

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    In-demand roles & skillsets

    Discover the roles and skills that are most sought after in Hong Kong's labour market.

The report covers our specialist areas including:

  • ​Banking & Financial Services

  • Business Support

  • Contracting

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Technology

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