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Preventing burnout – 7 things you should do in the new year

Have you been feeling out of sorts at work? Do you feel unfocused, disengaged and constantly tired? You might be experiencing burnout. Some signs or symptoms of burnout include constant physical and emotional fatigue, disinterest in your work, insomnia, and feelings of stress and negativity. You might be someone who loves your job and is willing to dedicate hours to it but even the best of us will experience burnout from time to time.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 7 things you should do in the new year to prevent and fight burnout. It might not work all the time but hopefully, these strategies will allow you to build up the resilience and bounce back after reaching a burnout stage.

1. Find time to fully unplug

Employees are given leave and time off for a reason. Taking vacations and breaks by yourself or with loved ones can help you avoid burnout. However, make sure you disconnect and fully unplug; this means that you avoid responding to emails and work messages, set an out-of-office message, and not work on any work-related assignments.

2. Be aware of your limits

Take time to reflect and think about moments where you’ve experienced or were close to burnout. What were the triggers that led you to feel that way? It’s important for you to be aware of your limits when it comes to work and recognise this the next time you might be headed down that road. When you next feel overwhelmed by these feelings, take a break from work and do some fun activities to replenish your energy.

3. Discover small things that make you happy

It’s easy to get caught up with the big and stressful things at work. How about discovering the small things in your day that will lift your mood up? It could be having a small chat with your co-worker. Or buying a delicious coffee from your favourite café. These little moments of joy can help break up a long and tiring day at work.

4. Switch up your environment

Being in the same environment day in and day out may not inspire much creativity and new energy. If it’s possible, switch up where you work by going to a different spot in the office. Not everyone has this option and if you are not able to do so, make sure you spend some time away from the office to be in a new environment (i.e. traveling to a different country or city). You might find that being in a new environment might make you feel rejuvenated and get your creative juices flowing.

5. Pursue your passion

Some people are lucky, and their work revolves around their passion. However, for some of us, we may be in jobs only because we need to pay the bills or because we are still taking steps towards doing something that we love. In such situations, you might need to carve out time to pursue activities related to your passion. It could be learning to play the guitar or pursuing photography. You never know where these passions might lead you!

6. Learn to say no

You might be inclined to say yes to everything when it comes to work. You want to show that you’re capable and that you can handle the workload. However, you may find that when you take on more, you’ll start to feel worn down. Therefore, it’s important that you say no to ensure that you don’t feel overworked and that you remain excited about your work.

7. Sweat it out

One great way to get you to refocus and recharge is by working out. Regular physical activity helps to reduce stress levels, increase your productivity and boost your mood. So take care of yourself, improve your energy levels and take advantage of that hit of endorphins to help you combat burnout.

Burnout can prevent you from leading a normal work and personal life. However, you don’t have to let it take over your life! By being aware of your mental and physical state, and by having regular check-ins with yourself to take stock of how you’re feeling, you can prevent yourself from reaching a burnout state.

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