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Banking recruiters: the incredible allure of Hong Kong

Why on earth would you want to work at Ambition in Hong Kong?  


  • A city of 7.5m people on the doorstep of China 

  • One of the highest concentrations of banking institutions in the world 

  • Huge IPO and general capital markets activity 

  • Ambition is a market-leader with a 14 year pedigree in the market 

  • Strong portfolio of existing finance sector clients producing consistent repeat business

  • Clients that need and respect advice from their recruiters 

  • Accomplished leadership in the banking team 

  • Career prospects in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the Group 

  • An incredibly vibrant yet incredibly safe city 

  • The chance to live downtown or out on an island 

  • Nightlife; sports; trekking; sightseeing; it has it all 

Why one earth wouldn't you want to work at Ambition in Hong Kong?     


We're hiring - it does no harm to find out more - contact Chris Aukland our Managing Director:

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