My Background

I started my career as an accountant in a bank, where I gained banking knowledge and started building up my network within the finance industry. Before joining Ambition, I spent a year travelling around the world and realised that I enjoy interacting with people from diversified backgrounds. My love for dynamic environment and interactions led me to starting a career in recruitment with Ambition Banking & Financial Services team, which allows me to leverage my knowledge and pursue a career as a Recruiter.

Roles I Recruit For

I specialise in recruiting for various roles within the banking and financial services industry, focusing on Product, Digital, and Marketing positions. The positions I recruit for encompass Product Development & Management, Segmentation, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Digital Banking, Digital Channel, Digital Product, Public Relations, Events, Branding, Corporate Communications, CSR, ESG, Customer Analytics, and Complaint Handling.

Outside of Ambition

I love staying outdoors during my free time. Wakeboarding, hiking, and sunbathing are all my favourite and usual activities during weekend. I am also very passionate about snowboarding so I make regular visits to the snow mountain in Japan every year. I am also picking up Japanese language for easy communication during the trip.