Winnie Shi

Specialisation: Banking & Financial Services
Company Position: Consultant
Email Address: winnie.shi@ambition.com.hk
Phone Number: +85231034321

My Background
I completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Administrative Studies at York University. Thereafter, I worked in the banking industry which gave me the skills to understand what the banking and financial industry need. That experience led me recruiting for banking side.

Roles I Recruit For
I specialize in recruiting for the Governance space in the Banking and Financial Service sector, including Risk Management, Compliance and the Internal Audit areas. 

What My Clients and Candidates Say About Me
"Winnie is a fast worker and very upbeat. I would always recommend working with her."

"I never knew Winnie was new to recruitment, the way she presents herself and responds so quickly surpasses her competitors I have worked with."

Outside of Ambition
I love to learn new languages and travel around the world, to open my eyes further, so I can share cool stories when I grow old