Shannon Dawson

Specialisation: Technology
Company Position: Senior Consultant, Technology
Email Address: Shannon.Dawson@ambition.com.hk
Phone Number: +85231034370

My Background
Originally from Sydney, Australia, I underwent the typical Australian rite of passage by travelling to various countries during my gap year before settling (briefly) back in Sydney to work in direct sales. I worked with several leading global charities for over three years and although the work was both challenging and rewarding, I wanted to diversify my skills and recruitment was the next logical step. I returned to Hong Kong nearly 2 years ago to begin my career in recruitment and haven’t looked back since!


Roles I Recruit For

Financial Services/Technology


Outside of Ambition
I’m a bit of a foodie and thankfully Hong Kong has a myriad of options to explore. If I’m not stuffing my face, you may find me jogging, paddle boarding or hiking!