Oka Hui

Oka Hui

Specialisation: Technology
Company Position: Consultant
Email Address: oka.hui@ambition.com.hk
Phone Number: +852 3103 4335

​​My Background

Oka started working as an Investigator/Data Scientist in the gambling industry, where he was exposed to monetary transactions, data and technology on a daily basis. From there, Oka became interested in the financial market and cryptocurrencies, leading him to change his career path to fulfil his passion in the technology industry.

In 2018, Oka joined the recruitment industry and began recruiting for the quantitative and financial technology fields, and eventually specialised in the software engineering space.

Roles I Recruit For

I specialise in recruiting technology professionals primarily within the core buy-side and sell-side front-office development and infrastructure, as well as supporting roles. If you are looking to make a career move or would like to be introduced to talented individuals to help grow your business, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

What My Clients and Candidates Say About Me

"Oka is always able to find the hardest-to-find, top-tier candidates." - Client

"Oka works with many of the top hedge fund and banking clients, the best opportunities, and is able to understand much of the technical lingo." - Candidate

Outside of Ambition

As a nature lover, I love to spend my spare time hiking and kayaking. I am also interested in technology and drones, as well as decentralised finance.