Janae Chan

Specialisation: Banking & Financial Services
Company Position: Managing Consultant
Email Address: Janae.Chan@ambition.com.hk
Phone Number: +852 3103 4366

My Background:

A brief stint in the aviation industry left me wanting a more rewarding career where I can meet new people every day. I first joined a boutique firm specializing in the financial industry and found the work to both be challenging and interesting, just how I liked it. Following which, I moved to Ambition, specializing in Risk & Compliance functions and I am loving it every day.

Roles I recruit for:

I specialise in Risk & Compliance positions across the financial institutions including banks, securities, asset management and insurance. I cover junior to middle-level positions.

What my clients and candidates say about me:

"Janae is one of the best consultants I have ever met. She is very supportive and responsive She helped me to find a job that I am interested in and not just to encourage me to take opportunities that I am not interested in."

"I am so proud to have a consultant like Janae. Highly recommend Janae to my colleagues and friends."

Outside of Ambition:

Outside of work, I love to hang out with friends and discover new eating places. I enjoy my yoga sessions as it helps me relax after a long busy day.