​My Background

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) in 2021, I decided to return to Hong Kong and explore my career options. Prior to Ambition, I was working in the hospitality industry. This experience allowed me to develop a strong set of soft skills.

Considering I’ve always been passionate about helping others, I was later drawn to the recruitment industry where I began my career as a recruiter. One of the greatest joys in working in this field is the sense of appreciation I get from those around me, as well as having the ability to help others achieve their career goals.

Roles I Recruit For

I specialise in recruiting contracting roles within the area of finance & accounting and business support.

Outside of Ambition

I’m a huge foodie. My friends and I love trying new restaurants and cafes during the weekend. I love discovering new food and cuisines so much that I chronicle and share my experience on Instagram (@pandalifehk)!