Alex King

Alex King

Specialisation: HaTCH, Work for Us
Company Position: Business Development Manager, HaTCH
Email Address:
Phone Number: +852 3103 4320

My Background:

I come from a Fitness background, where sales and business development is the driving force of the business. I quickly transitioned into a business development role for the gym itself where I learned how to build upon and find new avenues of revenue. My passion for people then led me into the recruitment field, where I thoroughly enjoy helping people and now I have the chance to help Startups and new businesses grow and scale.

Roles I recruit for:

I recruit across all industries with a specialisation in Technology.

What my clients and candidates say about me: I truly take the time to understand how a business works, what their core values are and how they envision themselves in the future. Startups are consistently competing against MNC’s for talent so it is exceedingly important to go beyond and communicate more than the job description.

Outside of HaTCH 

I am a huge sports fan with a particular focus on Rugby. I also thoroughly enjoy travelling the world and being a beach bum.